Retail & Distribution

Our focus lies in developing unique retail software solutions that empower our clients to enrich customer journeys, drive shopper engagement and harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies.

Retail & Distribution E-commerce

What we can do for
your business

Business user Improve conversion
and retention

Utilize dynamic
pricing models

Reduce operating
costs with automation

Business user

Integrate AI for
stock management

Your Business
Enhance your brand offline presence

Retail Software Development Solutions

  • Retail Consulting

    Zelh Tech will amplify your team with agile retail experts and technical specialists with comprehensive knowledge of the retail sector so your business can get the most out of its operations.

  • E-commerce & Mobile

  • POS Solutions

  • Retail App Development

  • Software for Bricks and Mortar

Retail Software Development Solutions

Technologies We Use

AR/VR Data Science/ Big Data Processing Cloud Recommender Systems Analytics & Visualisation IOT Blockchain E-commerce Solutions RMS/ERP migration & Integration Mobile & Wearables

Accelerate your retail
business toward success!

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